Ok so a few weeks ago I suffered a partial HDD failure. Basically the HDD hosting my 2 Docker VMs started producing a ton of bad sectors which caused partial corruption on my VMs. This in turn caused issues with containers that read persistent data volumes. On a good note, this HDD was a WD Blue 500GB which was almost 7 years old before it started having issues.

Now due to this failure my entire Grafana metrics system/stack got corrupted causing me to have to start from scratch. Which is what I have now done:

Main Overview

So instead of having a single super massive dashboard I decided to create an overview dashboard that just houses alert panels that pull alerts from other dashboards. This gives me the ability to, at a glance, see whats going on. I can then click each alert to take me to their respective panels.

This is far from done. I plan on expanding my Hyper-V stats as well as my System Alerts. I also need to add my remote seedbox stats and monitoring for my Virtualized AD network and game servers.