You may have noticed that both my site [] and the Grafana – Experts Exchange wiki going down a lot recently. Here is why:

TL/DR: Migrated both sites from my home hosted web server to a dedicated host.

I logged into Cloudflare’s dashboard the other day to update a DNS record as I was testing a new self-hosted service at home. I normally don’t pay much attention to the stats page but I noticed something, a bit crazy. Apparently my “site” had over 373k requests in 30 days, which at that point, it was apparent that I was running a web server. Pretty sure thats a breach of contract with my ISP as I am on a residential gigabit line and not a business connection.

Note: I have not received any type of warning from my ISP about this, yet.

I decided to take preemptive action and migrate both sites to a dedicated Linode VM. This freed up my bandwidth at home as well as giving me access to a proper dedicated cloud host with automated backups. Both sites are now happily running on this host with no issues so far.

Linode VM Portainer view

I only had to restore a backup once during the migration after I messed up the iptables firewall. The backup file wasn’t saved correctly so couldn’t restore the original rules.