Introducing PlexWatchDog

Got Plex running on a Windows machine? Need a script to watch the process and make sure it stays running? Well.. Me too! So I created the PlexWatchDog script! It is 100% written in PowerShell and is completely self contained.. e.g. No modules needed besides PowerShell.

The script currently does the following:

  • Monitors Plex locally via the local web interface.
  • Monitors via the Remote interface if specified in the config.json file.
  • Can log to a Cachet status page, Discord via webhooks, and a log file.
  • It also checks for the Update service and sends out an alert that the server is updating.
  • User messages for Discord are editable via the included text files.

To do yet:

  • Make the script handle more errors.
  • Implement thumbnails for Discord webhook embeds.
  • Code clean up with proper comments and help info.
  • Export logging functions to their own scripts so that they can be independently updated without bloating the main script.
  • Have the script create a log file on error incase user did not define a logging endpoint or is running the script headless.
  • Turn the script into a full on Windows Service so that it can be remotely managed via Windows Admin Center.

Head on over to the Git repo and check out PlexWatchDog! Just note that PlexWatchDog is currently in a W.I.P. state. So it may not fully work yet. Pull requests, suggestions, etc. are definitely welcome though!

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