Docker Container Building via GitHub Actions with Diun.

My last post about GitHub Actions left off with a docker container being built when a commit was pushed to the repo. Now this is great if you are building a docker container, for your project, in your current repo. However, for me though that’s not the case. At least not for my Caddy image.

Introducing PlexWatchDog

Got Plex running on a Windows machine? Need a script to watch the process and make sure it stays running? Well.. Me too! So I created the PlexWatchDog script! It is 100% written in PowerShell and is completely self contained.. e.g. No modules needed besides PowerShell. The script currently does the following: Monitors Plex locally

Expanding Pi-Hole Stats with Prometheus

The other day I came across a Prometheus Exporter for Pi-hole (found in a comment on /r/pihole) that gives WAY more stats/data compared to the InfluxDB script I posted about awhile back. With this exporter, I was able to setup a more detailed dashboard. Now currently I only have this setup for a single instance

Monitoring Nvidia GPUs via Telegraf

The nvida-smi plugin for Telegraf basically gives you an overview of your GPU usage in the most current iteration in v1.10.4. This “guide” assumes you are using Windows as your host OS. Linux should be fairly easy to get going as long as you know where your nvidia-smi executable is located. If you do not