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quick and painless

Recently decided to upgrade my local network, alex showed me the best equipment for what I needed then walked me through the entire setup process over the phone because I live several states away. Eveything went quick my network got setup all my smart devices connected and worked like they should.


Great Service

Extremely concise and affordable PC service. Helped me choose and install parts. Worked with my schedule to get the job done.

Trystan Spenla

Need a new PC? Use this man!

I had a stock PC that i was using for a long time and it was time to build a new one from scratch. Helped me find really good parts that would be high quality while fitting in my quasi-budget as well. And further still, when actually putting the PC together, continue to provide support… Read more “Need a new PC? Use this man!”

Steven Pullam

Knows his stuff

Hired this guy to build me a PC and he worked with budget and made it nice! Have had zero issues with the build and couldn’t have been more happy thank you!


5 stars! Alex has quickly

5 stars! Alex has quickly and easily resolved each issue on our personal devices as well as enhancing the performance of our work assigned devices.

Tiffaney Dunn

Thank You!

10 out of 10, reliable and accurate. Anytime I have had a problem Alex has resolved it.


Exceptional service

Alex took the time to understand my expectations for my home WiFi network. He made recommendations based on my budget and ultimately installed something I’m extremely satisfied with.

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 4 ratings)

Things I can do for you:

Task Windows (PC/Tablets) Android (Phones/Tablets) Mac iOS
Device troubleshooting XX
Device reset / reinstall XXX
Device setup XXXX
Protective Measures
[Screen protector, etc.]
Virus / Malware RemovalX
Software Installation / SetupXX
TaskMain Companies Used / Desc.
Home / SMB
Networking Setup / Consultation
Ubiquiti Networks
(Unifi / EdgeMax)
PC Building / ConsultationBasically help deciding on PC parts or Prebuilts. Any brands.
Server Building /
Building, specing, etc for servers. Normally use Dell, HP, or 45Drives.
Camera System ConsultationUnifi Protect, Reolink, Exacq, Axis, HikVision
Pi-hole setup / installAutomatic network DNS ad blocking service running on a Raspberry Pi 4.
(Your Materials)
(My Materials)
Ethernet Cable Making [ Cat-5e ]$3/pc
any size
under 20ft
Ethernet Cable Making [ Cat-6 / Cat-6A ] $5/pc
any size
under 15ft
Ethernet Patch Cable [ Cat-6 ] [ 1m ]X$10/pc
Coax Cable Making$9/pc
any size
under 15ft

*pc = per cable, *pch = per cable head(ends)

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